Thai Express – Edinburgh

Location: St James Square, Quarter, Edinburgh EH1 3AD
Cuisine: Thai / Asia
Type: Chain Restaurant
Website: Click here
Last update: 29th Dec 2021

About Thai Express – Edinburgh:

EN: Newly opened Thai restaurant in Edinburgh, which might be the first branch in Scotland of this chain restaurant. Other branches has been established in London, Lancaster and other cities in England. Generally speaking, the decoration of Thai Express is full of its own characteristics. The taste is quite satisfactory. As a person who loves spicy food, the spicy taste is not that sufficient, but the taste of salt is a bit heavy.

The menu is simple clean and straightforward to choose. The price is relatively reasonable (as its location). The speed of serving is also good. When it is not very busy, you can usually place the order in 3-10 minutes, and food would be ready in 10-15 minutes. The location is in the newly opened St James Quarter in the heart of Edinburgh, so public transportation is very convenient, but if you need to drive, the cost of parking is £3-4 per hour.

CN: 最近刚刚开张的泰国餐馆,也应该是在苏格兰的第一家分店,之前呢,在伦敦,兰卡斯特等英格兰的城市有分店。总体来说,装修很有自己的特点,味道来说呢,中规中矩,作为一个爱吃辣的人,感觉辣的味道不是很足,但是盐的味道有一点重。菜单简单明了很容易来选择,价格相对来说也是比较合适的,上菜的速度也不错,在不是很忙的时候基本上3-10分钟就可以点菜,10-15分钟就可是吃到点好的东西了。位置就在爱丁堡市中心新开张的St James Quarter里面,所以公共交通十分方便,但是如果需要开车的话,停车的费用是£3-4每个小时。