Korean Style BBQ

THE EXPERIENCE! Looking for a culinary adventure that's bursting with bold flavors and exciting new tastes? Look no further than the newly opened Korean restaurant in Stockbridge area! Whether you're a long-time fan of Korean cuisine or you're looking to try something new, our restaurant is sure to delight your taste buds and [...]

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Lian Pu Express – 脸谱中餐

The most authentic Chinese food in Edinburgh 爱丁堡最好吃,最正宗的中餐 Tel: 01316628895 Address: 14 Marshall St Edinburgh EH8 9BU Tel: 0131 662 8895 Get DirectionsCall us Find us on the social media: Jingju Lianpu or Peking (Beijing) Opera Styles of Face-Painting [...]

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Kampong Ah Lee

The authentic Malaysian cuisine To book a table, please call us directly on 0131 662 9050 Mr. Lee is from a family whose previous four generations were all famous chefs. Having an established restaurant in Malaysia, he has dedicated his life to perfecting the art of Malaysian [...]

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Korean BBQ – 에딘버러 한식당

Menus    Reservation    Review Book Now. Address: 3 Tarvit St, Edinburgh EH3 9LB Tel: 0131 229 6789 Hours: Mon - Fri 12-3pm, 5-10:30pm | Sat, Sun 12-10:30pm Get DirectionsCall us Find us on the social media: 우리는 이곳 아름디운 여행의도시 에딘버러에서 퓨전한식으로 한국의 [...]

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Korean BBQ – Edinburgh Korean Restaurant

Menus    Reservation   Delivery   Takeaway Menus    Reservation   Delivery   Takeaway We're aiming to deliver the traditional Korean food to this lovely city Edinburgh. Having been living in the UK for a while, we noticed that most of the Korean cuisine in this country is actually more or less adapted to [...]

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